Akwa Ibom Teachers Recruitment 2021/2022 Application Form Is Out

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Akwa Ibom Teachers Recruitment 2021-2022 Application Form | This article is going to put you through on how to apply for Akwa Ibom TESCOM Recruitment

Are you a graduate looking for a job and want to build a career in the teaching industry? Then, the opportunity is now as the Akwa Ibom Teaching Service Commission has announced that there will be massive recruitment in the state, and the recruitment will cover more than 5000 teaching positions in the State.

Akwa ibom teachers recruitment

This content covers the Educational System in the State which includes Akwa SUBEB as well as Akwa Ibom TESCOM Recruitment 2021.

NOTE!!! To all recruitment in Nigeria, there must be a rule and regulation covering employment. Therefore, all Educational qualifications and requirements as well as steps on how to Apply for Akwa Ibom Teachers recruitment. As a matter of fact, I implore you to read through this content very carefully know how to apply for this prestigious job opportunity on your own without making any mistake.

Akwa Ibom TESCOM Recruitment

All applications coming to this commission must be properly documented. Moreover, Applicants must have finished his/her Tertiary Education and must be experienced enough to handle a teaching position after employment. There are numerous teaching positions available for all applicants to take up but in order to be gainfully employed on merit, you must meet all the necessary educational qualifications and requirements needed in this Akwa Ibom Teachers Recruitment

Most Importantly, it is necessary to note that factscheck.ng is not a State Teaching recruitment portal, we only provide guidelines and directions on how to apply for any Job/ recruitments in Nigeria. Therefore, and anyone who comes to you to discuss anything recruitment is a fraudster. As a matter of fact, all recruitment and registration must be completed online through the State Teaching recruitment portal.

Akwa Ibom State Teachers  Recruitment Available Position

The underlisted teaching positions are available in some Schools across the Local Government Area in the State.

• English Language
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Literature in English
• Social Studies
• Basic Education Studies
• Primary Education Studies
• Integrated Science
• Agriculture Science
• Business Education
• Introductory Technology
• Physical and Health Education
• Yoruba
• Arabic
• French
• Computer Science
• Civic Education
• Islamic Religious Studies
• Christian Religious Studies

Akwa Ibom State Teachers Requirements

All applicants are therefore required to possess the following requirements Akwa Ibom TESCOM Recruitment which have been listed below:

  1. Firstly, to apply for this teaching position, you must possess a B.A, B. Ed, B.Sc. or B. Tech or HND
  2. Master’s Degree {M. Ed, M.Sc. or M.A). All certificates must be obtained from a Government-approved institution
  3. All applicants must have a WAEC, NECO, GCE with 5 credits including English Language and Mathematics
  4. These Educational certificates must be readily available before applying for any teaching position in Akwa Ibom TESCOM recruitment
  5. All applicants with NCE (National Certificate of Education) must also be obtained from a Government recognized institution in Nigeria
  6. Applicants with the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) certificate will definitely be an added advantage.
  7. All applicants must be medically fit and tested by a Government hospital
  8. The candidate must at least be between 22-35 years of age
  9. All candidate must have an NYSC certificate or an Exemption letter
  10. Having computer knowledge will be an added advantage

Steps to Apply for Akwa Ibom Teachers Recruitment

  • Firstly, all applicants should visit the State Teaching recruitment portal @ www.sseb.ak.gov.ng
  • Scroll down to see the available positions
  • Fill the application form
  • Lastly, Submit your application form

Some Certificate or Documents for Upload for Akwa Ibom Teachers Recruitment

1. Original University Certificates
2. NYSC Certificates
3. Birth Certificates
4. Professional Certifications (If Any)

Additional Information About Akwa Ibom State Teachers Recruitment

The SSEB has about 254 public secondary schools across the State.

The list of all the schools is detailed below by local governments areas;


    1.    CJC. Comprehensive. Secondary. Sch., Atai Otoro

    2.    Nigerian Christian Secondary Sch., Ukpom

    3.    Saints Comp Secondary Sch. Ikot Oku Mfang

    4.    McIntire Sec. Comm. Sch., Utu Abak

    5.    St. Mary’s Senior Sc. Sch. Ediene Abak

    6.    Comp. Sec. Sch. Ediene Abak

    7.    Comm. High Sch. Afaha Obong

    8.    Sec. Comm. Sch. Ikot Etok Udo/Ibong

    9.    Army Day Sec. Sch. Ibagwa

    10.  Comp. Sec. Sch., Midim

    11.  Government. Girls Model Secondary School Ikot Ekang, Abak


    1. National High Sch. Etebi
    2. Sec. Sch., Edor
    3. Comm. Sec. Sch., Akpa Utong

    1.   Sec. Grammar Sch., Ibeno


    1. Comm. Comp. Sec. Sch., Nto Osung
    2. Governt Sec. Sch., Nto Nsek
    3. Okon Sec. Comm. Sch., Ikot Oko
    4. Independence High Sch., Ukana
    5. Comp. Sec. Sch., Ikpe Annang
    6. Sec. Sch., Odoro Ikot
    7. Kizito Comp. Sec. Sch., Adiasim
    8. Comm. Sec. Comm. Sch., Ukana East
    9. Comm. Comp. Sec. Sch., Ukana West
    10. Model Migrant Sch., Mkpatak
    11. Comp. Sec. Sch., Ikot Uko

    1. Comm. Sec. Sch., Etok Uruk Eshiet
    2. Comm. Sec. Sch., Eka Uruk Eshiet
    3. Comm. Sec. Sch., Uruk Ata II
    4. Comm. Sec. Comm. Sch., Eka Obong
    5. Comm. Sec. Comm. Sch., Ikot Ese
    6. Comp. Sec. Sch., Ikot Esop
    7. Northern Annang Sec. Comm. Sch., Utu Etim Ekpo
    8. Iwukem High Sch., Iwukem
    9. Ikono Annang Comp. High Sch., Nkwot Ikono
  6. IKA LGA

    1. Ika Comp. High Sch. Ikot Akpan Anwa
    2. Ika Sec. Comm. Sch., Ikot Osukpong-Ika
    3. St. Augustine Sec. Sch., Urua Inyang

    1. Etinan Inst., Etinan
    2. Etinan Comm. Comp. Sec.. Sch., Etinan
    3. St. Theresa’s Sec. Sch., Edem Ekpat
    4. Com. Sec. Sch., Asuna, Etinan
    5. Com. Sec. Commercial Sch., Ikot Eba
    6. Com. Sec. Grammar Sch., Ikot Akpabio
    7. Comm. Sec. Sch., Ikot Nte
    8. Comp. Sec. Sch., Nkana
    9. Comm. Sec. Grammar Sch., Ikot Itina
    10. Salvation Army High Sch., Efa
    11. Comm. Sec. Sch., Mbioto II

    1.   Nsit Peoples’ Grammar Sch., Afaha Offiong

    2.   Comp. Sec. Sch., Edeobom I

    3.   Comm. Sec. Sch., Afia Nsit Urua Nko

    4.   Sec. Sch., Mbiokporo II

    5.   Comp. Sec. School, Oboetim

    6.  Apostolic Church Sec. Commer. Sch., Ikot Oku Nsit

    7.   Govt Sec. Commer. Sch., Ikot Nya

    8. Unity Model Secondary. Sch., Obo Ntong


    1. Ibesikpo Sec. Commer. Sch., Nung Udoe
    2. Brotherhood Sec. Sch., Ikot Ide Akpakpan
    3. Comm. Sec. Grammar Sch., Ikot Essien
    4. Comm. Sec. Sch., Ikot Akpa Etok/Ediam
    5. Asutan Ekpe Comp. Sec. School, Okop Ndua Erong
    6. Iwawa Usung Eket Sec. Commercial. Sch., Ikot Akpa Edung
    7. Ndikpo Grammar Sch., Ikot Obio Nko

    1. Eastern Nsit Sec. Sch., Odot
    2. Essien Itiaba Comm. Sec. Sch., Ikot Asua
    3. Comm. Sec. Commer. Sch., Iwok
    4. Comm. Sec. Sch., Ikot Ubok Udom
    5. Comm. Sec. Sch., Ikot Akpan Ike
    6. Comm. Sec. Sch., Ibedu/Idikpa

    1. Archibong Mem. Sec. Sch., Ukpom
    2. Comm. Sec. Sch., Nkwot Ikot Obok Idem
    3. Comp. Sec. Sch., Ndiya
    4. Comp. Sec. Sch. Ukpom
    5. Ediene Comm. Sec. Sch., Ikot Ayan
    6. Ikono People’s High Sch. Nung Ukim
    7. Lutheran Sen. Sc. Sch. Ibakachi
    8. St. Mary’s Sec. Commer. Sch., Ikot Nseyen
    9. Trinity Academy, Iton Odoro
    10. Unity High Sch. Mbiabong Ukan
    11. Urban Sec. Commer. Sch., Ibiaku Ntok Okpo
    12. Women Edu. Centre, Itak Ikot Akpandem, Ikono
    13. Ikono Girls Sec. Sch., Itak Ikot Akpadem, Ikono.
    14. Comm. Sec. Sch., Obio Ediene, Ikono
  12. INI LGA

    1. Sec. Sch., Ebo Itu Mbonuso
    2. Ogu Comm. Sec. Commer. Sch., Ogu
    3. Odoro Ikono Sec. Sch., Mbiabong Ikot Udofia
    4. Ini Sec. Sch. Ikpe Ikot Nkon
    5. Ikpe Comm. Sec. Sch., Ibam Edet
    6. Comm. Sec. Sch., Ukwok
    7. Comm. Sec. Sch. Nkari
    8. Iwere Comprehensive. Sec. Sch., Obotme
    9. Comp. Sec. Sch. Mbiabet Ikpe, Ini

    1. Comp. High Sch., Edemaya
    2. Comm. Sec. Commer. Sch. Odoro Atan
    3. Sec. Commer. Sch. Ibekwe
    4. Ukpum-Okon Comp. Sec. Sch., Okon
    5. QIC Comp. Sec. Sch. Osudu, Ikot Abasi

    1. Comm. Sec. Sch., Iko Town
    2. Okoromita Comp. Sec. Sch., Okorette
    3. Govt Comp. Sec. Sch., Amadaka
    4.  Migrant Sec. Sch., Emeruke, Eastern Obolo

    1. Ibiaku Clan Comm. Sec. Sch., Ikot Ebak
    2. Comm. Sec. Commer. Sch., Esa Ekpo
    3. Sec. Sch., Ibotio Ndon
    4. Comm. High Sch., Ikot Essen
    5. Adiaha-Obong Girls’ High Sch. Ikot Ekop
    6. Esetang High Sch. Ekim
    7. Fr. Fintan Mem. Sec. Sch. Ikot Ntot
    8. Comm. Sec. Sch., Mkpat Enin
    9. Sec. Sch., Ukam
    10. Asong Comm. Sec. Sch. Asong
    11. Ikpa Ibom Comp. Sec. Sch. Ikot Ekong
    12. EDU Sec. Sch., Ikot Edeghe
    13. Comm. Secondary School, Iffe Town
    14. QIC. Sec. Comme. Sch., Minya
    15. Comm. Sec. Sch. Nya Odiong
    16. Excellence Comprehensive. Secondary. School, Ikot Uya, Mkpat Enin

    1. State Sec. Commer. School, Okop Eto Road, Ikot Ekpene
    2. Goretti Girls’ Sec. Commer. Sch., Ikot Ekpene
    3. State Coll., Ikot Ekpene
    4. Comm. Sec. Sch., Ikot Abia Idem/Ikot Enwang
    5. Amayam Comm. Sec. Sch., Mbiaso
    6. Comm. Sec. Sch. Ikot Inyang
    7. Sec. Commer. Sch. Ndon Ide
    8. Community Secondary School, Urua Obo Ikot Ekpene

    1. Comm. Sec. Commer. Sch., Nto Edino
    2. Commty Compr. Sec. Sch., Obon Ukwa
    3. Methodist Sec. Sch, Nto Ndang
    4. Abiakpo Comty Sec. Sch., Ikot Ukana
    5. FIDA Sec. Commercial. Sch., Urua Offiong Etor Udo
    6. Comprehensive. High Sch Ikpe Mbak Eyop
    7. Christian Comp Secondary School, Ikot Abia Ossom
  18. ITU LGA

    1. Ukpaubong Comm. Sec. Sch., Itu
    2. Commty Comp. Sec. Sch., East Itam
    3. Ntiat/Mbak I Comp. Sec. Sch. Itu Urban
    4. Itam Sec. Sc., Itam
    5. African Church Sec. Sch., Oku Iboku
    6. West Itam Sec. Sch., Ekit Itam II, Itu
    7. Comty Sec. Commer. Sch. Ikot Andem
    8. Comty Sec. Commer. Sch. Ibiaku Itam
    9. Comty Sec. Sch. Mbak Obio Itam, Itu

    1. Lott Carey Bapt Sec. Sch., Afaha Obio Eno
    2. Comty Sec. Sch. Idoro
    3. Comty Sec. Sch., Itukho
    4. Comty Sec. Sch. Ono
    5. Ibiono Commty High Sch., Edem Urua
    6. Comty Sec. Sch. Ikot Usen
    7. Presbyterian Sen. Sc. Sch. Ididep
    8. Comty Sec. Sch. Ibiaku Ibiono Western
    9. Sec Sch. Ididep
    10. Comty Sec. Sch. Ikot Uneke
    11. Comty Sec. Sch. Use Ikot Amama
    12. Union Sec. Sch. Ibiaku, Ibiono Ibom

    1.    Itreto Comty Sec. Sch. Ikot Okobo

    2.    Comp. Sec. Sch., Ndiya

    3.    Comp. Sec. Sch. Ikot Enwang

    4.    Comty Comp. Sec. Sch., Ikot Eyo

    5.    Ubium Comty Sec Sch.  Ikot Okwot

    6.    Comty Sec. Sch., Ndukpoise

    7.    Comty Sec. Sch. Ikot Ubo

    8.    Compr. Sec. Sch. Nung Obong

    9.    Western Nsit Sec. Sch., Ukat Aran

    10.  Comty Comp. Sec. School.  Ikot Ekpene Udo

    11.  Adiaha-Obong Girls’ Sec. Sch. Ikot Imo

    12.  Christian Comp. Se. Sch. Edem Idim Okpot


    1. Union Sec. Sch. Nsie
    2. St. Vincent Sec. Sch., Oti-Oron
    3. National High Sch. Nung Atai
    4. Eastern Okobo High Sch. Obufi
    5. Comty Sec. Sch., Odobo Okobo
    6. Comp. Sec. Sch. Okobo
    7. Methodist Sec. Sch. Offi
    8. Comty Sec. Sch. Urue Ita
    9. Comty Comp. Sec. Sch., Ekeya, Okobo
    10. Comp. High Sch. Enweme, Okobo
    11. AME Zion Secondary. Comm. Sch. Mbokpu Oduobo
  22. ONNA LGA

    1. Oniong East Comty Sec. Sch., Ikwe
    2. Comty Sec. Commer. Sch. Ikot Ebiere
    3. QIC. Senior Sc. Sch. Ndon Eyo
    4. Afaha Inang Sec. Sch., Ikot Idem Udo
    5. Onna Peoples’ High Sch., Abak
    6. Comty Sec. Commer. Sch. Ikot Akpan Ishiet
    7. Nung Oku Itina Commty Sec. Sch., Ikot Mbong
    8. Sec. Sch., Okat
    9. Oniong West Comty Sec. Sch., Ikot Edor
  23. ORON LGA

    1. Mary Hanney Sec. Sch. Oron
    2. Methodist Senior Sc. Coll., Oron
    3. Commty Sec. Sch. Eyo-Abasi

    1. Comty Sec. Sch. Mbukpo/Eyokan
    2. Comty Se. Sch., Okuko
    3. Ubodung commty Sec. Sch. Oruko
    4. Comp. High Sch., Okosi
  25. MBO LGA

    1. Enwang  Comp. Sec. Sch. Enwang
    2. Comty Sec. Grammar Sch., Egbughu
    3. Comty Sec. Commer. Sch., Udessi
    4. Commty Sec. Sch., Afi Uda, Mbo

    1. Commty Sec. Sch., Udung Uko
    2. Comprehensive. Sec. Sch. Ediko

    1. Comty Sec. School, Nkek
    2. Comty Sec. School, Urua Ekpa Enang
    3. Commty Comp. High Sch. Ntak Afaha
    4. Western Annang Sec. Commer. Sch., Ukanafun
    5. Commty Sec. Sch., Afaha Obo
    6.  Afaha High Sch., Ikot Udo Mbang

    1. Commty Sec. Sch. Inen Ekeffe
    2. Commty Sec. Sch., Mbiakot
    3. Commty Sec. Commer. Sch. Ikot Osute
    4. Commty Sec. Commer. Sch., Ikot Afanga
    5. Commty High Sch. Ekparakwa
    6. Commty Sec. Sch., Nung Ita/Ikot Ibritam
    7. Southern Annang Sec. Sch., Ikot Okoro
    8. Comp. Sec. Sch. Ikot Esenam
    9. QIC. Sec. Sch., Ika Annang
    10. Otop Christian High Sch. Ikot Ukpong Eren
    11. Madonna Commty Girls’ Sec. Sch. Obo Ntanya
    12. QIC. Sec. Sch., Ibesit
    13. Eastern Midim Sec. Sch. Ikot Owobo
    14. Comty Sec. Commer. Sch., Ikot Inuen
    15. Urban High Sch. Ikot Akpan Essien, Oruk Anam

    1. Holy Trinity Sec. Sch., Mbiakong
    2. AME. Zion Sec. Commer. Sch. Ndon Ebom
    3. Adiaha-Obong Sec. Commer. Sch., Ekpene Ukim
    4. Methodist Sec. Sch. Ibiaku Issiet
    5. Commty Sec. Commer. Sch., Ifiayong Usuk
    6. Sec. Sch., Adadia
    7. Atakpo Commty Sec. Sch., Mbiaya Uruan
    8. Idagha Sec. Sch., Nung Oku Uruan
    9. Sec. Sch., Ibiaku Uruan
    10. Comp. High School, Idu Uruan, Uruan
  30. UYO LGA

    1. Cornelia Connelly Coll. Afaha Oku
    2. Christian Sec. Commer. Sch. Uyo
    3. Comty Comp. Sec. Sch. Four Towns
    4. Commty Sec. Commer. Sch., Ikot Oku Ikono
    5. Ikono Ibom Comp. Sec. Sch. Ikot Ayan Ikono
    6. Commty Sec. Sch., Aka Offot
    7. Commty Sec. Commercial Sch., Ikot Okubo Offot
    8. Commty Sec. Sch. Mbak Etoi
    9. Offot Ukwa Sec. Gram. Sch., Obio Offot
    10. Sec. Sch., Etoi
    11. Commty Sec. Commer. School. Ikot Ekpeyak Ikono
    12. Northern Ikono Commty Sec. School. Ikot Odung Ikono
    13. Uyo H/School, Uyo
    14. Commty Sec. Sch. Ikot Nsung Ikono, Uyo

For more information about Akwa Ibom TESCOM Recruitment do notify us in the comment section and we will attend to them as soon as possible.


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