Security & Anti-Corruption

First things had to come first. We were a nation at war - but we delivered on our commitment to secure the territorial integrity of our nation in the face of a raging insurgency that devastated many parts of the North East. We liberated 17 Local Government Areas from the grip of insurgency. Brokering and sustaining peace in the Niger Delta has also been crucial to stabilising the polity.

First things had to come first. We were a nation at war.
Corruption is an existential threat to Nigeria. Despite the gains we have made in closing the gates, we know that there is still much ground to cover to stop systemic corruption.

  • Decentralise funding of police operations and foster true community policing by Implementing direct transfer of funding to Police Divisions all across.

  • Execute the second phase of the Framer-Herder and National Livestock Policy to end the decades-long conflict between farmers and herders.

  • To eliminate the scope of systemic corruption, we will emphasise technology enabled e-Governance