We took an unprecedented step towards creating a fairer and more equitable society by implementing Africa’s biggest social investment programme.

Through the National Social Investment Programme, we are providing direct support to over 13 million Nigerians who need it by giving relief and assistance to unemployed youth, our children, the weak and vulnerable as well as small and medium businesses.

But even as we lay the foundation for a stable and prosperous nation, we acknowledge there is still much to do.

  • Using co-payments to share the cost between individuals, the private sector and government. The poorest 40% will be exempted from such co-payments.

  • In compliance with National Health Act, we achieved this in 2018 building the backbone for primary healthcare centres.

  • N500 monthly contribution leads to 45% increase in the population covered by primary health care by 2023 up from the present 12.6%.

  • Pay young doctors to stay in rural areas.